Emerald Facets

Many Facets; One Gem

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Emerald Facets

For countless ages, the Changing Breeds have been fractured and divided. Now, a small group of the Mother's Children from the Garou Nation, the other Changing Breeds, and the Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother gather at a rediscovered caern in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii. They dream of creating a place where all of Gaia's Changing Children can live together in harmony.

That dream, however, may never come to pass. Even now, the caern has attracted the attention of not only the forces of the Wyrm, but of hidebound members of the Changing Breeds who see this endeavor as doomed to failure; human will-workers who would drink the life energies of the new caern; and the mysterious beings known as the menehune.

Will these brave Fera be able to establish a haven for peace and harmony between all of Gaia's Changing Children? Or will this beacon of hope fall to the forces of Darkness?

Emerald Facets is a Livejournal game for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, using the Revised Edition tabletop rules.

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