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Emerald Facets
Many Facets; One Gem
The Present 
News & Rumors
((OOC: As this post takes place inside the Refuge, it is primarily for andreu_blackman; it's at his discretion when other characters will be allowed to participate in it.))

During one of his patrols of the Refuge, Andreu notices that the earth has been disturbed in a spot not far from the edge of the Bawn; it looks as though someone has been digging there.

((OOC: To Andreu's knowledge, there's been no digging scheduled in that area.))
6th-Aug-2006 12:01 pm - After the moot
((OOC: This post takes place directly after the moot from this post. All characters welcome and feel free to start side conversations.))

After the elders call an end to the gathering Reads heads over to a tree and sits under it with his bag in his lap. He watches the other fera talk or leave by various means and waits to see who comes over to talk about forming a group to deal with the Wrym drugs.
28th-Jul-2006 01:05 pm - Hanalie post office
Nelli walked down the street with a sketch pad in one hand a bottle of water in the other. She stops at the corner to get her bearings and take sip then heads of to the post office whistling.
23rd-Jul-2006 09:22 am - First Moot at the Mother's Open Hands
Emerald Facets
On the night of the full moon, the members of the caern of the Mother's Open Hands gather for their first (official) moot. ((OOC: Needless to say, all characters are welcome here!))

By consent, the proceedings are a hybrid of Garou, hengeyokai, and other Changing Breed customs. The speakers pass a decorated piece of wood, perhaps a foot long, back and forth among them as each person speaks.

Mends-the-Rifts makes a formal announcement that her daughter, Kielle, will begin her stay with the Menehune the following day, while one of the Menehune will take Kielle's place in her home; the arrangement will last until one year from tomorrow. Njall announces that the elders will take volunteers for guard duty once per moon, at moots; anyone wishing to volunteer should make it known during the open discussion to follow.

Shortly thereafter, Anippe asks, "Who wishes to take the Talking Stick?" of the gathered Fera in the clearing.

((OOC: In case it wasn't clear, the floor is now open. Characters must receive the Talking Stick before speaking, and must give it over to the next person to speak.))
human, andreu
((OOC: A few days after this scene. The scene is for Lani and Andreu, but can be open to anyone who would visit a cafe in Princeville.))

Andreu arrives a little early at the cafe and gets himself seated. Dressed casually, he orders a coffee for while he waits for Lani to arrive.
((OOC: This thread to open to everyone in the area of the town of Hanalie.))

Reads Street Sign moves quietly though the streets and alleys of Hanalie in his homid form with the eye covered and gym bag secure. Whenever he encounters a bit of graffiti he stops and studies it before moving on. In alleys he kneels and looks for scratches on the surface of the buildings and dumpsters, sometimes putting his face close to sniff the wall or ground. Passersby sometimes notice this odd behavior, but most seem to put it down to the idea of the 'poor insane homeless' and Reads is careful not to do this when police are visible.

Every so often he stops in front of a seemingly random building and throws open his occult senses to look for traces of the Wyrm's corruption.

((OOC: Sense Wyrm - 7, 8, 4, 9, 5, 10 at some random spot in the town.))
16th-Jul-2006 10:57 pm - Photo-survailance (open to all)
Just after dawn Charlie sets her digital camera connected to a bulb shutter release on the sill of her window then opens the screen. The camera has a modified strap so that she can hold int with one foot and be very sure it pointed down. She shifts from crinos to raven and hops onto the sill grabs the camera in one foot and the bulb in the other takes flight. As she flies northwest over the see she looks for anything out of place.
16th-Jul-2006 09:53 pm - A day on the job
illustration, hawaii
((Scene: The Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge Information Center. Date: Day after Itchy Kachina arrived. Open to everyone.))

Andreu sits behind his desk, looking at the small stack of papers... again. ** Geez, some days are just too dull ** Holding back a yawn, he stands and heads towards the front. On the way, he smoothes out his Refuge Officer uniform and makes sure his gun is properly holstered.
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