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Emerald Facets
Many Facets; One Gem
25th-Oct-2006 07:45 am
Emerald Mod
On the night of the full moon, the members of the Caern of the Mother's Open Hands gather in the Hanalei Refuge.

There is a new face in the crowd - a slender young woman with coarse dark hair and sharp features standing close to Njall.

Mends-the-Rifts addresses the group. "Melissa Sun-Chaser here," she indicates the young woman standing near Njall, "has brought grave news." She extends the Talking Stick to Melissa. "Will you tell them?"
3rd-Nov-2006 01:03 am (UTC)
Matt's face easily reads as a mix of surprise and happiness. He steps forward, turns, snags the speaking stick, turns back toward the elders and says, "Honored elders, I would like to go greet them!"
3rd-Nov-2006 02:42 am (UTC)
Lakshmi looks a bit concerned.

** I wonder -- will they be allies, or... otherwise? I know little of the shark folk, but I have never heard that they had much fondness for any of the other changing breeds. Either way, I suppose it is best if one of their own greets them, but in the event that they are not friendly -- **

"Matt, these are your people and you undoubtedly know them best -- would it be better if some of us accompanied you in case they are not friendly, or would they react badly to the presence of others? Perhaps if some of us followed, but stayed out of sight?"
3rd-Nov-2006 03:09 am (UTC)
Andreu also looks concerned, but says nothing when Lakshmi speaks what he was thinking.
3rd-Nov-2006 12:29 pm (UTC)
"Not friendly?" Obviously this idea hadn't occured to Matt. "Oh, I guess you could be right - I might offend them accidently or something. After all these will be the first shark people I've met." Matt thinks for a moment and then continues. "I don't know how they'll react to other shifters, I mean I get along ok - but they might be distracting. Not that this is would be a bad thing..." Matt's voice trails off as he gazes at Lakshmi with odvious admiration of her form. Matt tears his eyes away. "Um, I mean they might think it was, um, rude to attack a beautiful woman."
5th-Nov-2006 02:09 am (UTC)
Andreu raises an eyebrow. He looks between Matt and Lakshmi and a small amused smile starts to form on his face. With a slight cough, he removes the smile and watches Matt again.
5th-Nov-2006 10:38 pm (UTC)
** Oh, gods above... What an innocent! He's never met one of his own kind before, and doesn't stop to think that it could be anything other than a joyous welcoming? This must be carefully handled... And quickly. **

"Matt, I know little of your people -- but the one thing I have heard is that they are not usually fond of other peoples -- any other peoples -- and usually keep to themselves. If an entire group of them is approaching, it may or may not be good news. I think we can all recall how our first encounter with the menehune went -- hopefully we can avoid a repetition of that, but I do not think we shall do so by being too trusting.

"If you wish to try to intercept them and speak with them, that is good, but I think it would be safest if several of us followed -- out of sight. So that we may aid you if things go badly. Whoever can move quickly, and hide in shadows. Saki, how many of them are there?"

Lakshmi glances questioningly to the elders to see if they approve of this strategy -- if they seem approving, she will shift to feline and slip into the trees, ready to follow Matt.
6th-Nov-2006 08:26 pm (UTC)
"We saw five of them," Saki reports. "The rest of my sentai were trying to keep them from entering the Dragon Nest," she corrects herself, "er, caern, until we knew what they wanted." **And hopefully the boys and Tokiko haven't had any problems since I left.**
6th-Nov-2006 08:37 pm (UTC)
Lakshmi glances questioningly to the elders to see if they approve of this strategy -- if they seem approving, she will shift to feline and slip into the trees, ready to follow Matt.

Noticing Lakshmi's glance, Njall gives her a brief, almost imperceptible nod. "You show the wisdom of your people, Lakshmi." He raises his voice to carry. "You heard her - Matthew, you may go to meet them, but it would be best if you had...escorts to make certain nothing untoward happened." He pauses. "We have one; do any others wish to go?" He looks at Saki. "You know where the shark-people are, cousin - will you guide the others there?"
6th-Nov-2006 11:27 pm (UTC)
Andreu steps forward without a word. With a nod to Matt, he's ready to follow.
8th-Nov-2006 12:39 pm (UTC)
Matt nods at Andreu and Lakshmi. "I am fine with them coming too." Matt tries not to roll his eyes as he adds, "And anyone else that is necessary." He pauses and adds. "Though before we leave, would you excuse me for a moment? I would like to change - clothes that is, in case I need to change, well, me."

When excused, Matt goes off intot he trees, out of the line of sight of the gathering with his backpack.
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