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Emerald Facets
Many Facets; One Gem
First Moot at the Mother's Open Hands 
23rd-Jul-2006 09:22 am
Emerald Facets
On the night of the full moon, the members of the caern of the Mother's Open Hands gather for their first (official) moot. ((OOC: Needless to say, all characters are welcome here!))

By consent, the proceedings are a hybrid of Garou, hengeyokai, and other Changing Breed customs. The speakers pass a decorated piece of wood, perhaps a foot long, back and forth among them as each person speaks.

Mends-the-Rifts makes a formal announcement that her daughter, Kielle, will begin her stay with the Menehune the following day, while one of the Menehune will take Kielle's place in her home; the arrangement will last until one year from tomorrow. Njall announces that the elders will take volunteers for guard duty once per moon, at moots; anyone wishing to volunteer should make it known during the open discussion to follow.

Shortly thereafter, Anippe asks, "Who wishes to take the Talking Stick?" of the gathered Fera in the clearing.

((OOC: In case it wasn't clear, the floor is now open. Characters must receive the Talking Stick before speaking, and must give it over to the next person to speak.))
4th-Aug-2006 01:47 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
((OOC: edited a bit for spelling))

As the story unfolds, a number of expressions appear on Anippe's face - shock, fury, and finally, outrage.

Her eyes blazing with Rage, she stalks over to Nose-in-Something. "How dare you?" she shrieks. "How dare you speak of such filth in this, of all places?" Her whole body quivers with Rage. "You will never speak of such excrescence in my presence again, do you hear?"
5th-Aug-2006 01:25 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Andreu is shocked, both by the story but moreso by Anippe's reaction to the story. He says nothing though.
5th-Aug-2006 01:52 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Matt is startled by the reaction. **Whoah! I'm glad I didn't get to ask if that was real or not. It's gotta be with that kind of reaction. I wish I knew she why she's upset though. Well as long as I don't say anything, I won't look stupid, and maybe someone will say something to explain what is going on...**
5th-Aug-2006 02:07 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Diana looks uncomfortable, both at the story and at Anippe's reaction to it. **Is she ever pissed! I wouldn't want to be that Glass Walker right now....**
7th-Aug-2006 01:35 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Several things come to Itchy's mind watching the presentation and aftermath. first, that Anippe was mentioned upon his arrival as potentially being Mokole. Second, that the spirit of cooperation spoken about in the Caern does not apply to vampires (or, as alarmingly called in the presentation, Kindred, as if they were related to garou), but most importantly, he's got it in his mind to shut his mouth and watch, for the Elders are obviously serious about the matter, and though it might be educational to see a Mokole in Crinos form, it would probably be a bad idea.

((ooc: I've noted these internal reflections here only because there are likely members of the assemblage which can read such things, and he's fairly certain that the Kitsune is prime among them. Obviously people who can't probe minds won't have IC knowledge of this, aside from his distinctly uncomfortable and concerned body language.))
7th-Aug-2006 11:35 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Minoru Izanagi's-Favored looks distinctly uncomfortable at the unfolding tableau, then schools his face into a neutral, polite mask as he moves quickly into Anippe's field of view.

"Please, Anippe-san...he is young and inexperienced. I am sure he knows nothing of the horrors that the Kin-jin perpetrated upon your people." Pause. "We can speak of this later, in private - right now, there is a meeting to finish."
7th-Aug-2006 11:47 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Anippe's eyes still smoulder with outrage, but seems to calm a little at Minoru's words. "Very well," she says, biting off each word. "But someone had best teach him how to behave, or I may not be so generous in the future."
7th-Aug-2006 11:50 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
"I promise," Mends-the-Rifts replies.

Then she looks at the other talesingers. "Who will tell us another tale?"
7th-Aug-2006 09:25 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Steeling himself against what might come next should he misspeak, Itchy will wait for a chance to take the talking stick and if it comes around, will say:

"Anippe-rhya," (and more than ever, he hopes that's the right honoriffic for Mokole too), "we are all very young, and our memories are only of what we have seen and heard, not the things that our People know. Nose-in-Something has told us, in his youthful way, of the things which he has seen and remembers, though we are too young to know why it would upset even our Elders so badly."

His body language is very submissive, and he is genuinely asking for guidance in his next bit of speech.

"Please, grace us with a part of your own tale, let us know what the...Kindred...have done, so that we can learn from your experience and raise our Rage against their trespasses, instead of angering our own teachers. I ask that the next tale to be told be one of your own, and that you forgive our Cliath pride in relating only what little our eyes have seen so far."

Whether he was in the wrong or not, Nose-in-Something was a fellow canuck, and he was garou. Itchy hopes that Anippe will take the path of the Elder and teach rather than scold, for the poor guy obviously didn't know what kind of hell he'd unleash with his story.
9th-Aug-2006 12:36 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Anippe nods, if somewhat curtly. "Very well. I am no storyteller, but I will tell you what I Remember.

"Once, we shared Khem with our Kin, the Silent Striders, and the Bubasti. We watched over the humans there, and in turn they revered us for our wisdom. Even today, some of our greatest heroes survive in the humans' legends as Sebek, Anubis, and Bast.

"Then, the blood-devils came to Khem." Her eyes light with Rage. "They turned the humans against us, smashed our eggs, drove the Striders into exile, and captured the Bubasti's Kin, turning the cats of Khyphur into blood-glutted mockeries enslaved to their vile whims. They drove our peoples from our homeland and corrupted it for their own vile ends. Even today, they hold Khem - Egypt - in their disgusting grasp. Many of our warriors have fallen trying to take back what is ours, but the blood-devils breed like flies." Her eyes glitter with Rage. "One day, we will see them all burned to ashes under Sun's face, and then Khem will be free again."
9th-Aug-2006 08:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
There were some times when you didn't need the Gifts you'd been taught in order to determine whether someone was telling the truth or not. In this case, Anippe was as serious as a heart attack, and though her Rage might cloud her perception of events, it also meant that she could be taken at face value. Some of the things she said were frankly stunning to Itchy.

"They were the cause of the Silent Striders' wandering?" he says, gobsmacked. "But why would they help us, as Nose-In-Something has said? Maybe not all of them are of the Wyrm...maybe some of them have seen the error of their ways and wish to make amends."

Itchy's face bunches up as he tries to sort out the implications of the two tales. Then, with a sickening realization, his face goes pale and very worried.

"Unless," he stammers, "unless they mean to do this in Vancouver as well! Gaia help us, what kinds of powers do they have that they can delude an entire Sept? What will my people do if we lose Canada? These blood drinkers have fooled the caern elders, and are well on their way to taking the Caern itself!"

Itchy walks over to Nose-In-Something and places his hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

"You're safe now my friend," he says, "but I fear that Vancouver is in grave danger."

He looks to Anippe and the rest of the assembled Elders, asking "how do we get word to them without more of our people being turned to their cause? How can we stop a Caern from being fully violated when the vampires are already in there? How can we hope to do anything when even the Silent Striders, the Mokole, and the Bubasti could not stop it?"

((ooc: I find it cool that you mentioned the Setites holding the ghoul cats. I thought that I was the only one who picked up that bit of flavour text. I actually ran a game once where the MacGuffin was one of those cats.))
11th-Aug-2006 05:17 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Lakshmi tries to hide her amusement at Itchy's reaction.

** From speculative question to assumption in one swift leap. I begin to see how the Garou earned their reputation among the others. One moment he is considering that perhaps the vampires aren't all bad, and the next moment he's convinced Canada is lost.

Then again, considering what some of the Garou's leaps to conclusions have led to in the past, perhaps I should be less amused and more concerned. It would hardly be the first time they had declared war based on an assumption... **

She considers speaking up, but since he addressed the elders, she waits to see if they reply before saying anything.
11th-Aug-2006 11:22 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
**How do we hope to do anything? Hope is nice, but duty is more important. Do or die. With the attitudes here, is commiting myself to this group a mistake?**
11th-Aug-2006 05:11 am (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Lakshmi's eyes widen at Anippe's original reaction. ** Then again, maybe it's not the Garou who are the hotheads here... **

She listens closely as the elder tells her story, parts of which sound familiar to her.

** I have heard some tales of events in Egypt, though many of the Folk seem to feel that the Bubasti needed little help in turning to the Unmaker. But this is all most interesting... I wonder, do the vampires have different kinds and tribes as we do? Do they even have any overall reason for being? Perhaps they are different in different places -- who knows? I would be most interested in finding out, but I do not think I am going to raise the question in Anippe's hearing. Perhaps I will talk to Noah privately later on. **
7th-Aug-2006 08:45 pm (UTC) - Re: Stories & Songs
Nose-in was too busy running his computer to notice the reaction of his audience until Anippe is right in his face. And when she is, he does what any normal wolf would do: he backs up, bares his throat, and wets himself.

But underneath his expression of terror, is confusion as to what exactly he did that was so wrong or so different than what they were doing. Of course, before he could say or do anything, Mends-the-Rifts steps in.
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