Sharks in the Bawn!

((OOC: This post takes place on the same night as the moot. It is primarily for dai_swims and any characters escorting him, but other characters who could be in the Bawn are welcome to join in.))

The light of Luna's full face illuminates a quintet of half-human, half-shark figures on the outer edge of the bawn of the Mother's Open Hands.

The largest of the five, a truly enormous creature with a gaping maw of row upon row of sharp teeth, growls in a guttural voice clearly unused to human speech, "This does not concern you, dirtwalkers. Give us the abomination."
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Emerald Mod


On the night of the full moon, the members of the Caern of the Mother's Open Hands gather in the Hanalei Refuge.

There is a new face in the crowd - a slender young woman with coarse dark hair and sharp features standing close to Njall.

Mends-the-Rifts addresses the group. "Melissa Sun-Chaser here," she indicates the young woman standing near Njall, "has brought grave news." She extends the Talking Stick to Melissa. "Will you tell them?"
Diya Mirza

Cafe Cats

Where: Postcards Cafe
When: late afternoon/early evening, on the day of the post office scene (( I think that took place before the stake-out of the same cafe by other characters, but I'm not entirely sure. ))

Lakshmi sits at a table for two near the back, a little away from any of the other occupied tables, for privacy when Nelli shows up, but with a clear view of the door so that she'll be able to see when the other Bastet arrives.

** I do hope everything went all right. It's been a couple of hours, so she should have had time to follow him to wherever he was going... ** Somewhat nervously, she glances at the door again. ** I hope she's all right... Even if he spotted her, I don't think he would harm her, but how do I really know? One would hope that no child of the Mother would attack another merely over tactical or philosophical differences in how best to protect Her, but if that was the case, we never would have had the War of Rage. **

Her thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of the waitress. "Here's your chai tea -- did you want to order food now, or wait for your friend?"

Lakshmi winces slightly at the reference to the tea. "I will wait for her, thank you -- and by the way, the word chai simply means 'tea'. Spiced tea is masala chai. Saying 'chai tea' is like saying 'tea tea'."

The waitress looks flustered. "Oh - I'm sorry! I didn't know that... It just says 'chai' on the package..."

Feeling instantly bad for embarrassing her, Lakshmi smiles and pats the girl's hand reassuringly. "It's all right, darling, most Westerners don't know. Consider it just a little lesson in linguistics, not a scolding."

As the waitress departs, she sips her tea and wishes linguistics were the only thing about masala chai that Westerners were confused about. ** If only they could make it properly, I'd probably care less what they called it. Oh well. **

She glances apprehensively toward the door again. ** I do hope Nelli comes soon... **

(( This scene is predominantly for nelli_walker, but if any other characters might happen by the cafe early in the dinner hour, they could join in... ))
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Sanada Academy's field trip to the Hanalei Visitors' Center

((Open to anyone who might be at the Hanalei Visitors' Center, and I figured this had been pre-arranged between the school and the Refuge.))

Kentaro gets off the bus and starts shepherding the students off the bus and into the building. "Single file, please. Enter the building and then take a seat. Quietly."

Once all the students have taken their seats, he takes a chair at the end and sits, back straight and face composed, as he waits for their guide.
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News & Rumors

Shark attacks on the rise

Both the newspapers and the TV news reports report a large spike in shark attacks on swimmers in the past month. Two of the attacks resulted in death, and three more in severe injuries. Swimmers are urged to use extreme caution while in the water. As yet, scientists have been unable to discover any sort of common denominator in the attacks.
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Diya Mirza

The Bearer of Bad News

Place: White Sands B&B, Princeville
Time: Early evening, shortly after Lakshmi's departure from this scene

Somewhat breathlessly, Lakshmi jumps out of a taxi in front of the bed and breakfast where she, Maya and Noah are all staying, handing the driver what is probably entirely too much money for the fare and running into the building without looking back to see if there's change.

** Now, which room is he staying in again? Oh yes... **

Reaching the room of Noah/Nose-in, she knocks urgently on the door, then, if it isn't opened within seconds, calls his name. "Noah? Are you there? It's Lakshmi -- I must speak with you!"
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The stake-out in front of 'Postcards'

((OOC: This takes place on readsstreetsign's [as determined by random roll] watch. It is at Reads' player's discretion when to allow other players [besides the others on the stake-out] into the scene.))

Under Reads' watchful eye, the bronze-skinned young man, clad in a brown smock bearing the name, "Universal Maintenance" on the sleeve, slips out of the restaurant and makes his way down the street to a new-looking storefront marked "General Health and Nutrition."

The young man opens the door and goes into the building. Through the window can be seen shelves of sports drinks, candy bars and pill bottles. Behind the counter is a bored-looking young woman with bleached-blonde hair and a pierced eyebrow, whose face lights up when she sees the young man enter.
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Corax glyph

Early evening, above the bawn of the Mother's Open Hands

((OOC: Open to everyone.))

Melissa Sun-Chaser pushes her wing muscles to the utmost as she flies toward the caern of the Mother's Open Hands. **Faster...gotta get there in time!**

The large black bird flaps awkwardly to land in the Bawn, reverting to a sweaty, stumbling dark-haired woman as she does. She leans against a nearby tree, panting heavily as she tries to clear her sweat-soaked hair from her face. **Njall...gotta find Njall....**

She stumbles a few steps, then grabs on to the nearest firm object for support, trying to catch her breath.
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human, andreu

A night in the life...

((OOC: This scene is open to everyone. Feel free to just show up. Or Andreu could have invited you out. Or whatever.))

Scene: The Tahiti Nui Restaurant, Hanalei, HI
Time: Night

Andreu, dressed casual, heads into the restaurant. Karaoke's not usually his thing, but he's heard good things about the local band. Definitely time for a night out. Thankfully, he's arrived early enough that he disn't have to wait long to get in.
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Sanada Academy - First day of school

((OOC: This post is primarily for nelli_walker, dai_swims and hakken_sempai, but is also open to anyone who could plausibly be on campus on the first day of school.))

On the morning of August 7, Ikki stands in front of the assembled students and teachers, proudly wearing a T-shirt and shorts bearing the school logo, his shaggy black hair brushed smooth and a silver whistle hanging around his neck.

"Good morning, everyone. I am Mr. Ohtori, the new Physical Education teacher. You may call me Mr. Ohtori, Sensei, or Ohtori-sensei." Pause. "We will begin the day with our morning exercises."

With that, he blows on the whistle sharply, once, and starts leading the students and instructors alike in a round of vigorous calisthenics.
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